Add a new LDAP user

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Add a new LDAP user

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LDAP must be enabled before it can be used in Jama to authenticate users against your LDAP server.

Note: Instructions for LDAP do not apply if you are using SAML authentication.


1.Select Admin > Users > Add User from LDAP if signed in as an Org Admin. Select Users > Add User from LDAP if signed in as the System Admin (root).




2.Search for the user to be added. Jama will search LDAP against the configured "Login Name Attribute" and the "User Name Attribute." Users can add wildcards to a search.

Note: Wildcards at the beginning of a search can result in slow performance (for large directories, expect several minutes).




3.When you find your user, select Add.
4.Fill in the appropriate fields of the Create User dialog and select Save.