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Add attachments

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Jama provides the ability to store attachments that can be assigned to individual items and used across the project.

Note: Users must have Create/Edit permissions to the entire project to access attachments.

Upload attachment

1.Select Add Attachment in Single Item View.

edit item attachments

2.Select Choose File to select the file and then Attach to item to upload and save the attachment.


3.If the Attachment is already on the Jama server then select the Existing tab.

 Hint: The Show All option helps you to quickly locate Attachments that are already attached to an item.


4.After uploading or selecting the attachment it will be shown in Single Item View.

Edit attachment

Selecting the attachment name or the down arrow icon will allow you to download the attachment. Selecting the trash icon will delete the attachment. To work with an Attachment, select the three dot icon to the right of the attachment. From here you will have the opportunity to reload the attachment or update the name and description.

edit attachment

Note: Uploading an Attachment with a different name will overwrite the prior selected Attachment. If you want to add an additional Attachment, select Add Attachment.