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Add links

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Jama provides the ability to store a URL or Link that can be assigned to individual items and used across the project.

Add a Link

1.Select Add link in Single Item View.

add links

Note: Selecting a link will open the URL in a new browser window.

2.Fill in the fields and select Save.


Hint: URLs that are prefixed with "http://" will be treated as unique links whereas URLs without the prefix will be put onto the end of the Jama URL which may be helpful if there are files that you have placed on the server that you want to link to without uploading them as attachments. - Will open a new browser window with the URL
screenshots/login.html - Will open a new browser window with the URL http://localhost:8080/contour/screenshots/login.html

Edit/Delete Link

To edit or delete a Link simply select the Edit or Delete buttons from the Link's row.

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