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Add folders

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Folders are used to organize items within a set. An item may be moved between folders and sets of the same item type using drag and drop within the explorer tree or from the list. In addition, folders themselves may be dragged to other sets of the same item type or into other folders also in the same item type.

Folders can be used to organize sub-requirements. For example, if a requirement is composed of several sub-requirements, create a folder to contain the sub-requirements.

1.Select the set or folder in the Explorer Tree.
2.Select Add > Folder from the menu.
3.Enter name and description.
4.Select Save and Close.


Alternatively, select the item directly above where you want to locate the new folder in the List or Reading View. Using the Add menu, add the new folder using the Add Below or Add Sub Folder options.

Sub-items as folders

Similar to folders, items can also contain other items of the same item type. This is primarily useful if you want a parent item to contain certain widgets or custom fields that a folder cannot. In that sense, a group of items can be flagged using a field or all attachments can be inserted into the parent item for easier tracking.

Note: Check Moving items to see the rules of valid locations for items.

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