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The Comments tab provides another way for the team to collaborate on a particular item. If you have selected to be notified of changes to an item or set of items, adding a comment will trigger a notification email so you stay connected.

You can also edit and delete your comments. Administrators also have rights to edit and delete other user’s comments.

Select the Comments button to the right of the item to open the Comments panel. To add a comment, select the rectangle at the top of the Comments panel and begin typing.



The Comment, Cancel and buttons will appear:



Enter the comment and select the Comment button to post the comment to the item, as well as to Stream. Once the comment is entered, it will automatically add a reference to the item Stream. It will be necessary to reference specific people using the @mention feature or button if you want them to see the comment. Decisions can be requested or made by using the Actions dropdown or typing #decisionneeded or #decision as appropriate.

Users can delete comments they have created (as well as any subsequent comments in that thread) by selecting the X on the right of the comment.