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This feature requires user to be logged in as System Administrator or Organization Administrator.

Jama supports three types of reports including BIRT, Velocity, and Office Template reports. The report criteria is unique to each report so be sure to confer with the report developer for settings prior to configuration. For more details on creating custom reports, take a look at Custom Report Development.

1.Select the Reports tab. A list of the available reports will be displayed.
2.Select Add report.


3.Enter the user friendly name of the new report.
4.Select the report type.
5.Select Browse and select your report file (BIRT = .rptdesign and Velocity = .vm).
6.Enter a description that will help users determine the report's output.
7.Choose an organization.
8.Check the box next to Visible to users to make it possible to hide reports from users without completely removing them from Jama.
9.The Context Sensitive option is only for Velocity reports. When selected, the report will use only the data that is in focus on the user's Jama screen.
10.Select the report criteria / parameters that are used (if any) in the report.
Select the type of parameter that will be passed. Options include: Release, Set, Baseline, String, Date, Boolean
Enter in the text that will be displayed to the user that describes what should be entered or selected.
Enter in the name of the parameter that is passed to the report engine. Changing these values may break existing reports.

Note: To include tags or relationships in a Velocity report a Boolean parameter must be created. Tags parameter name must be: report_tag. relationships parameter name must be: report_relate.

Note: In MS Office Template reports, headings in Word automatically act as links to the Jama item. If you would like to turn this feature off, enter the following in the Report Parameters field: useKeyAsLink=false

11. Select Save to complete report configuration.