Post-installation resources

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Post-installation resources

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After installation, users will need to begin configuring Jama, modify organization details, change authentication methods, create xml backups, and consider other System Administration features.

Once Jama is successfully installed be sure to log in to the System Administration and verify your setup is correctly represented in System Info, and add a user, so you can use those credentials to log in to the system.


System administrator login:

user = root

password = password


For further support, we encourage you to explore our Education Portal and begin participating in the Jama Community.

Visit the Education Portal to view training options for both new and experienced Jama users.
Visit the Jama Support Community to collaborate with other Jama users and seek resolutions to issues. Pose questions, share ideas or search for technical articles.
If you run into technical issues with Jama, please contact your organization's named Jama support contact.