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Archive projects

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This feature requires you to be logged in as an Organization Administrator.

Sometimes a project is no longer needed, but you don't want to remove it from the database entirely. To archive a project:

1.In User mode, select Project > Manage all projects. If this option is not available then you do not have the rights to archive a project. A project can also be archived from the Administration mode. Select Administration from the header of Jama. In Administration, select Manage all projects.
2.Select the project you’d like to archive from the list on the left-side of the window.
3.From the Actions menu select Archive project.
4.Confirm that you want to archive the project.

Note: When a project is archived, administrators will still see the archived project in the Manage all projects list with "(ARCHIVED)" appended to the title. Normal Jama users will no longer see or have access to the archived project. Administrators may choose Actions > Unarchive to restore the entire project.