Baseline Compared to Current Report

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Baseline Compared to Current Report

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The Baseline Compared to Current report displays a side-by-side comparison of items and relationships in a baseline and their current versions.

1.Navigate to the project containing the baseline you want to compare.
2.Open the Run Reports view by selecting the Reports link in the top right corner of Jama.
3.Select the Baseline Compared to Current report.
4.Select the format of the report. The default formats are HTML and Word.
5.Select the baseline you want to compare.
6.Select if you want to Include relationships and/or Include Version Comments.
7.Select Run Report.




This will produce a side-by-side table view that compares the baseline items and relationships .


If items and/or relationship have been added or deleted between your selected baseline and the current version, this will be noted at the top and bottom of the report.




Items that have been modified since the baseline will be highlighted in yellow, as you can see in the image below where it is evident the Primary Feature item has been updated since the earlier baseline.