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Invite others into the discussion

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Projects often have Stakeholders who are involved with and need to be updated on project status, but do not work within Jama on a daily basis. These stakeholders can be invited into the discussions in Jama, where any comments or decisions they make will be captured. No administrative actions are necessary.


Invite a non-Jama user into the discussion (@mention)

The process to invite an outside user into the discussion is the same as if you were inviting another Jama user into the discussion. Typing the @ key and the first letters of the person's name will bring up a dropdown suggesting people to reference. You can type this user's email address after the @key and if the user is not found in Jama, select the invite picker:

Stream Invite Others

A popup will appear asking you to enter the email address:

Stream Invite popup

Select Invite to finalize the invitation:

stream invite others final

Once you have selected the Comment button to enter your completed comment, the user will receive an email with the comment text and will be able to reply to the comment directly from the email. In addition, they will receive an email on any replies to this comment stream. If they wish to view the entire discussion or just that comment, they can select the appropriate link in the email:

Email Links

The new user will automatically be assigned a 30 Day Trial License. This license is a full Creator license, but with no permissions by default except for the discussion thread to which he was invited. The new user will be given the ability to setup a new user login and password but this is not required. In addition, this new user's email address will now be available in the @mention dropdown. If desired, the administrator can give the user rights to any project in the same way he would a named user. However, after 30 days, the license must be changed to a permanent one or the user will be locked out of Jama (the user will be warned 15 days before expiration). The user can still be @mentioned in Stream if the license has expired but they have not been given a permanent license.

Note: Users invited to a discussion will only have permission to see those discussion threads to which they have been invited. They will not have rights to look at specific items mentioned in those threads. They will however, be able to see the description of the mentioned item by selecting it. An administrator must give that user permissions before he can view any project data.