Capture images in the Stream

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Capture images in the Stream

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Often, the result of an in-person discussion or meeting will be a whiteboard drawing or diagram. Jama can store those images in the context of a project, release or item using the image button.

Upload Image

To upload an image within the context of a comment:

1. select the Image button:

stream capture image

This button is also available in the comment fields when replying to comments.


2. A dialog box will appear allowing you to navigate to your desired file. Select Open after you have selected your file.



3. The image will appear with the comment. To resize the image, hover over the bottom right-hand corner of the image, grab the handle and drag the corners in or out to the desired size. To move the image within the comment, hover over the top left-hand corner of the image and grab the handle. Drag the image to the correct location in the comment.

stream with capture image final


4. Select Comment once you are ready to submit the comment with its image.