Change requests

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Change requests

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Jama provides the ability to manage the items that are involved in change requests. Each item will be listed with links and denote the version when the change request was introduced and the version of the item that fulfills the change request.


The change request tab is added to an item type by the Organization Admin. Adding an item type to this tab will turn that item type into a change request.

add change request

Add change request

We recommend that you name your set "Change requests" for ease of use but it is not required.

1.Create a new item within the set that contains the Change request button.

change request button

2.Select the Change request button.
3.Select the Associate item(s) button.

change request

4.The Add Item window opens on the right. Locate the item and add it by double-clicking the item or selecting the item and choosing Selected Item.

Note: If an item has the change request tab enabled, it is a change request. By definition, change requests can not be associated to another change request item.

View item in change request

Items that are in at least one change request will automatically include an Inside change requests button when viewing the item's detail.

inside change requests

This will ensure that users working with items will know that the items being viewed are under consideration for a change request.

change item in