Finish and close a review

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Finish and close a review

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Reviews close automatically on the end date and time. Moderators can also close reviews manually. To close a review, select Close review from the Actions menu. The blue status bar at the top of the review notifies participants if a review is closed. 


A moderator can take several actions on a closed review. Either using the buttons on the blue status bar or the options in the Actions menu, the moderator can recover, archive, or publish a new revision of the review.

Recover - Reopens the review in the same state as it closed. No item updates are published.
Archive - Removes the review from the primary list of reviews.
Publish new revision - Reopens the review with any changes made to the original items, and lets you change options for the review itself.

Alternatively, moderators can use List View (Reviews > List View), to edit, recover, archive, or delete the reviews, as well as add or remove moderators using the buttons in the Actions column of the List View.

Note: Review Administrators have these options for any review, whether or not they are a moderator themselves.

Reviews Table view


Once a review is closed, moderators can also trigger a Review Status Workflow for items in the review. Organization Administrators configure Review Status Workflow rules.


To finish a review as a moderator, select the option Mark review as finished from the Actions menu.



You will see a pop-up to confirm your selection, if this action triggers Review Status Workflow.