Configure Compare View

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Configure Compare View

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When viewing the Compare View, you may wish to view specific fields, relationships or widgets.

Note: The changes you make in this window will only be set for the specific Compare View you are looking at in the Sync Items window.

To configure the view by item type:

1.Select the item type to configure from the drop-down in the Configure View window.


2.Select the fields you would like to view on your screen by selecting the fields you would like to see from the Hidden Fields list and either double-clicking them or selecting the right arrow to push the field(s) to the Visible Fields list.


3.If you would like to change the relationships that are compared, select the appropriate option in the Relationships tab.



4.If you would like to view tags, attachments and/or URLs, select the appropriate option from the Widgets tab.


5.Select Apply to save your changes, or select Cancel to close the window without saving.