Configure item type views

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Configure item type views

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For each Jama item type, Organizaton Administrators can configure which fields get displayed in each view. You can choose the fields you want to display when a view contains all the same item type (for example, the List View of a set or folder). This is available for the following views:


Projects Reading View
Projects List View
Review Center Reading View
Review Center List View


Configure mixed item type views


You can also configure the List View for mixed item types. For example, a List View based on a tag, filter, or component often contains multiple item types. To configure the List View in this case, select Projects List View with mixed item types.

Note: You can only select core item type fields when you configure List View for mixed item types. (For a list of core item type fields see Admin > Item Types > Core > Configure view.)


Note: If you create a filter that coincidentally lists all the text items or folders in a set, List View shows these based on the configuration you set in List View with mixed item types.


Configure views

1.Select Admin located in Jama's header. If this option is unavailable, you do not have Administration rights.
2.On the left panel, select Item types.
3.Select Configure view to open a pop-up window, where you can select the view you want to configure.



4.Select the view you want to configure from the drop-down menu.



5.Drag the fields you want to see from the Hidden Fields to the Visible Fields column. Drag the fields to rearrange the order of the columns you will see in this view.
6.Select Save.
7.At this point, you may select an additional view you want to update. Select Save again when you are finished.
8.Select Close when you are finished.