Synchronized items from Single Item View

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Synchronized items from Single Item View

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Connecting items in order to keep them synchronized can be done on the Synchronized items widget opened from the Synchronized items button on the right:

synchronized items button_2.

The Synchronized items widget will open at the bottom, displaying all items synchronized with the current item. When items are connected through synchronization, they are given the same Global Id, which will let the system know that they are connected.

Note: There is no parent-child relationship with the synchronization. If two or more items have the same Global Id, the system will allow you to synchronize any of the items in any direction the user's permissions allow.

synchronized items widget


Connect items

Note: It is only possible to synchronize items of the same type.

1.Select the Connect items button in the Synchronized items widget.

sync connect

2.The Connect items panel will appear on the right.


3.Navigate using the Explorer to the item you would like to connect.
4.Select the Connect button on the bottom.

The newly connected item will now appear in the Synchronized items widget, as well as in the Activities stream on the Activities widget.

Break Sync

Breaking the synchronization will remove the connection between items and any other relationships built on this connection. In addition, it will give this removed item a new Global Id. Further synchronizations for that original Global ID will not affect the item with the broken connection.

1.Select the item from the Synchronized item grid with which you would like to break the connection.
2.Select the Break sync button, either at the top right of the widget, or on the individual item's line.


3.A message will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to break the sync.


4.Select Yes if you would like to continue breaking the sync.
5.The item will be removed from the widget.

Sync all

1. Select Sync all to synchronize all of the items in the widget.

2. The Sync Options window will appear to allow you to modify the synchronization rules.


See Sync Options section for more details on this window.

3. Select Synchronize to complete the synchronization process.


View Differences

The Sync Status field displays any items that are not in sync with the selected item. If you would like to view the differences between 2 items, select the Out-of-Sync link for the desired item in the grid.