Connected users

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Connected users

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The Connected Users pop-up window gives insight into who is interested in a certain item, as well as those people interested in related items. A Connected User is a user who is a creator, editor, or who has commented, subscribed or been @ mentioned on this item. To see who is connected to this item, select the Connected Users column in List View, or select the Connected Users button on the item:


List View

connected users column

Note: This field must be manually added by configuring the List View.


Item View

Select the Connected Users button on the right of the item.



The Connected Users pop-up window displays all of the Connected Users, as well as any comments associated with this item:

Connected Users Screen


Show indirectly connected users

Selecting this checkbox will allow you to see which users are connected up and downstream from the selected item. Each circle represents a relationship level (up to two levels away in each direction), and hovering over the circle will show you how many people are connected and how many items are at that level.

show indirectly connected

Select a circle to select a relationship level; If the circle is blue, it is selected. You can select more than one level at a time. As you select levels, each person connected to this item will appear, but will only appear once, even if they are connected at several levels.

Collaboration Stream

The item's Collaboration Stream is displayed to the right of the screen. Comments can be made from this panel, and connected users can easily be referenced in the comment by selecting their name in the Connected Users list.