Jama Pre-Configuration

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Jama Pre-Configuration

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Setting up the Sync

Check on two things in Jama before setting up the sync:

1. Manual creation of JIRA custom fields: There are JIRA fields that may be helpful to pull into Jama. You must manually create these fields in Jama before they can be mapped to JIRA.

Assigned to: It may be beneficial to have each system track its own assignee. Create a “JIRA Assigned To “ field in Jama that is type String or Text (User type will work if the user names are the same in both Jama and JIRA). Likewise, in JIRA, create a “Jama Assigned To” field.

Release: Releases in Jama and Versions in JIRA can be synced, as long as the names match exactly. Note: Jama does not have a multi-select release field. However, a custom multi-select field that matches the JIRA fields can be created.

Components: JIRA uses components as a Multiple Select List. In Jama, create a custom field multi-select list with values matching the components in JIRA.

JIRA Status: This field is tied to JIRA's Workflow process, so the values cannot be updated from Jama. However, it may be useful to track this. In Jama, add a new custom text field called JIRA Status. Map this as a one-way sync from JIRA's Status Pick List.

Sprint: Map this as a one-way sync into a Jama text field.

Security Level: Map as one-way sync into a Jama text field.

Note: In order to track JIRA changes in Jama, five required fields will be automatically added to mapped item types. These fields will be read-only, and updated one-way, from JIRA to Jama.

JIRA Key: Formatted ID from JIRA.
JIRA URL: Link to the JIRA issue.
Last Updated in JIRA: Date the item was last modified in JIRA.
Last Sync with JIRA: Date the item was last synchronized with JIRA.
Last JIRA Sync Version: Version number of the JIRA issue that was last synced with Jama. 

jira added fields

2. Using Jama's Workflow feature with JIRA Connector: Jama’s Workflow function may be enabled on items that are synced with JIRA. However, the Workflow transition must leave the item in an unlocked state. If an item is locked in Jama for any reason, it will not sync to JIRA. Additionally, the JIRA field needs to be a custom text field, not a pick list.