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Contribute feedback

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Once a review is created, all participants can read through the items and make comments.


Review participants can comment about an item in two ways:

1.Select the Comments icon next to each item, OR
2.Drag the cursor over specific text in an item. This will open a comment window and highlight that text in the comment.


3.Categorize the comment using the category comment buttons to help others understand and track key feedback.
4.Select Submit feedback to save the comment.
Note: Moderators can Acknowledge a comment to let participants know they have seen their feedback, but each comment category has a unique response option, listed below.



To indicate a general comment, select the Comment (speech bubble) button. This is the default option.
When responding, use Acknowledge.


To indicate a question, select the Question (question mark) button.
When responding, use Answer.

Proposed change

To indicate a proposed change, select the Proposed change (pencil) button.
When responding, use Accept or Reject.

Indicate an issue

To indicate an issue, select the Issue (exclamation point) button.
When responding, use Resolve.

When using these responses, comment borders are highlighted in green or red depending on whether the comment is acknowledged, answered, approved, resolved (green) or rejected (red).




Participants who are approvers can mark each item approved or rejected. To Approve an individual item, select the green check mark icon. Conversely, use the red X icon to indicate that you Reject an item.

Note: Participants who are reviewers can only use the checkmark button to indicate they reviewed an item.


Use the Actions menu to Mark entire page approved or Mark entire page rejected.



Moderators can allow participants to vote on items. Votes can help define the priority of items or otherwise rank items based on a topic by the moderator. The number of votes is set by the moderator. Participants can give multiple votes to a single item. To apply votes, participants select the button with the down arrow. Selecting the upward arrow adds a vote for the item. Selecting the downward arrow subtracts a vote, if the participant added any.


Participants can also apply votes while viewing an item's detail.