Convert an item to another item type

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Convert an item to another item type

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Sometimes, after an item has been created, you may want to change an item or items from one type to another. In Jama, you can convert an item to another type while also keeping the short name, description and any relationships, comments and tags.

Remembering the following rules will help you understand what will and will not work when converting an item:

1.If a field has a different name in the new item type, the field will not convert.
2.If a field has the same name but a different data type, the field will not convert.
3.If a field has the same name AND the same data type, it will convert UNLESS they are lookup types. Then, if the two lookup types are the same, it will convert.
4.If a field has the same name and same data type, but a different lookup type, the field will not convert.

Note: Converting an item will break the sync if you have been reusing it. In addition, if converting an item will put the item out of compliance with the relationship rules, the problem will be reflected on the item in the relationship diagram.

Converting item(s) using drag and drop

1. Select the item(s) in list view or the tree and drag the item(s) into the set to which you would like to move it/them.

2. Review the information in the Review Item Conversion window and select Convert when ready to convert.

Convert Review Multiple Items


Note: Dragging and dropping a text item into a folder of your desired type does not trigger the conversion functionality. The text item will simply be moved to that location. In addition, text items must be converted one at a time. Bulk conversion does not work with text items.

Convert items using menus

Alternatively, you can convert one or more items by selecting them in List View and right-clicking to enable the menus.

1. While viewing a list of items in the List or Reading View, select the item(s) by checking their box. Select the Actions > Convert to and the item type to which you want to convert.

convert using menu


2. The Review Item Conversion window will appear, showing you which fields will be copied into the new item type.

Convert Review


If you are converting more than one item, buttons in the lower left corner will allow you to review each item before conversion:

Conversion Next

If you aren't happy with one of the conversions shown, select Cancel to cancel the conversions for ALL of the items.

3. Select Convert. This will convert all of the items selected. If the item can belong in its current location (such as a text item), the item will remain there. However, sets cannot contain mixed item types, so the item may need to be moved. If so, the Select Location window will appear and require to you select the new location for that item. Then select Select and close.

Convert Select Location


The item's version tab will show that the item has been converted.

Conversion Version Tab

Converting a set

1. A set and all of its contents can be changed to another item type by either right-clicking on the folder in List View or in the Explorer Tree and selecting the Convert to menu item.

Convert a Folder


2. In the Review Item Conversion window, you can move through each item in the folder using the buttons in the lower left-hand corner. Select Convert to... to change the folder and its items to the new item type.


Convert Folder Review Conversion