Duplicate projects

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Duplicate projects

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A great way to reuse requirements or start a new project from a template is to use the duplicate project feature.

To duplicate a project, select the Project button above the Explorer Tree and select Manage all projects:


Select the project you wish to copy and then select Duplicate project from the Actions menu above.

The Duplicate Project pop-up window will appear:



Options available in the Duplicate project window

General settings


New project name

Enter the new project's name. By default, "Duplicate of" the source project will be used.

New project key

The unique key identifier of a project.

Check items to include in the copy


Project settings

All of the detail on the Details and settings tab of the project settings dialog will be copied into the new project.

Project permissions

The new project will follow the same user/group permissions as the source project.

Existing relationships

All relationships that were established in the source project will be copied such that the newly copied items will have the same relationships.

Public filters

All filters marked as public (*) will be included in the new project.


All tags will be copied and attached to the appropriate newly copied items.


All of the releases and supporting information that were configured in the source project.

Project groups

Project groups that were developed for security and email notifications.


Copy the workflow settings from this project to the duplicated one.

URL Links

Copy links that are used in the Links widget tab of an item.


Copy over attachment files to the new project and link to the corresponding duplicated items.

Synchronize with original items


Synchronize duplicated project

Synchronize all items within the source project to the duplicated one.

Create relationships to original items


Check to create relationships

Option to create new relationships between the original items and the copies being created in the new project.

Downstream from Original

The copied items will be related downstream from the original items.

Upstream from Original

The copied items will be related upstream from the original items.

Relationship type

The relationship type to be applied to the new relationships between the copied items and original items.


Note: If the project being copied has a traceability rule set applied to it, the same rule set will be applied to the new project.