Duplicate items

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Duplicate items

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The ability to duplicate items is a key part of the editing experience and allows the user to author content in Jama faster. The user has two options to duplicate items in Jama depending on the amount of item content that needs to be reused from the original item and the location of the original item relative to the new item.

1.Duplicate item - Use this functionality to quickly start a new item in the project. Duplicate item is limited to duplication of the item's name, description, test steps (if applicable), and the ability to choose to include tags, attachments, and links.
2.Item Reuse - Use this functionality if you need to reuse multiple items, Items with children, more of the item's content, or to duplicate an item from another project. This functionality is much more extensive in capability. See more detailed instructions for Selecting items for reuse.

Use Duplicate item, as follows, to quickly create new items in the Explorer Tree with basic copied content from the original item.

Note: Duplicate item lets you duplicate locked items for which you have read and write permissions. While the duplicated item is unlocked, this does not unlock the original item.


1.Right-click on item in the Explorer Tree to see the context menu.


2.Select Duplicate item.
3.Indicate whether tags, attachments, or links are needed via the Duplicate Documentation Task window.


4.Note: You can use the Tab key to select or cycle through items, or the Escape key to cancel the action and close the window.
5.Press Enter or select Duplicate to duplicate the item.
6.Note: According to the item type, the preferences selected in the pop-up window will be saved across sessions; however, clearing your browser data will restore default options. When specific attributes (e.g., links) are not enabled for an item type, the option will not appear in the pop-up window.
7.The user is taken to the Single Item View of the duplicated item to enable faster editing of the newly created item.