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This feature requires user to be logged in as System Administrator.

The System Admin can backup Jama data in four ways.


Note: The XML backup needs to be taken when Jama is in maintenance mode. If you are using a Jama version prior to Jama 8 you need to generate the XML backup during a maintenance window and inform users, including API users, not to use Jama. In addition, and regardless of what Jama version you are using, all integrations must be disabled.

Option 1 - Least preferred

Save the XML backup to the computer you are accessing Jama from. This method is best for when you are unable to access the Jama server for any reason. This method is not recommended for larger data sets as the download process can time out, resulting in a corrupted backup.

Option 2 - Second best

Save the XML backup directly to the specified path on the server Jama is running on. This method is preferred over option 1. Since the data is being generated and saved in the same location, it reduces the likelihood of data corruption.

Option 3 - Preferred

Save a copy of the XML and related documents in a bundled .jama file. As of 8.0, this is the recommended method for generating a backup from the System Admin panel.

Download DTD - Not recommended

Download Jama's document type definition (DTD) backup file. This is an older backup type that was historically used when the other methods failed. This method is not recommended.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to have enough disk space available on the machine for the backup. If the file is too large and saved directly to your Jama server, this can cause issues in the Jama environment. Depending on the size of your database, these files can be tens to hundreds of gigabytes in size. A good practice when generating an export is to ensure the machine you are saving to has more available disk space than the size of your actual database.

Note: Backups cannot be scheduled within Jama.