Create an Office Template

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Create an Office Template

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You can create an Office Template by making a Word document that contains the field values you want and uploading it from your desktop. For Word templates, you can download a reference guide with common artifacts and field values in your current Jama project that you can copy and paste into your template.

You can also edit details of an Office Template such as Report Name, Report Description, and Project/Organization availability. If you select Organization, the name of the report in the left menu will read "All projects" to indicate that this export is available for all projects. These detail field values may also be included in your export.

Create an Office Template from scratch

1.Create the template you want and save it.
2.Select Export > Office Templates > Upload a template.
3.Browse to select the document using Choose File.
4.Select Save report.

Download and update an existing template

Note: You must be an organization administrator to complete this task.
Note: You cannot download All Item Details or Coverage Report. If you want to modify these reports see custom reports.

1.Select Export > Office Templates.
2.Right-click the template you want to modify to download the template.



3.Edit the downloaded template and save it.
4.Select Export > Office Templates > Upload a template.
5.Browse to select the document using Choose File. Enter a Report Name, Report Description, and indicate whether to make the report available to the entire organization or just within the current project.
6.Select Save report.

Edit details of an existing Office Template

1.In the Office Templates window, right-click on the template with the details you want to edit.
2.Edit the details for this template (e.g. Report Name, Report Description)
3.Select Save report.

Note: When a report contains a lot of data, it can often take several minutes to run. Check Email me the report  to receive an email with a link to the export. The export will be stored for 7 days before being automatically deleted. If the export finishes processing before the browser times out, it will also appear as a download in the browser. You can refresh the browser during export creation to indicate the report's status.