Create a connection

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Create a connection

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1.Select Admin in the Jama header. If you do not see this link, you do not have Administrator rights. Select the JIRA Connector menu item at the left.
2.Select Add JIRA Connection to input your settings.



This is the URL used to access your JIRA instance. If your instance is hosted by Atlassian, the url will look something like:


The JIRA user needs to be in the JIRA Users group and have permissions to Browse projects, Create Issues, Edit Issues, Add Comments, Create Attachments and possibly Modify Reporter (if mapping Assignee field).

JIRA Password

The password for the specified JIRA user

Jama User

This is the user in Jama that runs the synchronization job. The user must have organization admin permissions. It is recommended to create a user in Jama called "JIRA User" and assign it a floating creator license.

Synchronization schedule

There are two options for defining the schedule.

1.Simple Scheduling is an interval defined in minutes. We recommend timing to be as infrequent as possible.
60: This is a 1 hour interval and is sufficient if you need frequent updates.
720: This is a 12 hour interval, which ensures the synchronization happens at least daily.
2.Advanced Scheduling enables more complicated intervals. You can use a Cron string to specify complex scheduling. Example cron strings:
"0 0 12 * * ?" Fire at 12pm every day.
"0 0/5 14 * * ?" Fire every 5 minutes starting at 2pm and ending at 2:55pm, every day.
"0 15 10 ? * 6L" Fire at 10:15am on the last Friday of every month.

Failure Notification

When synchronization fails, the admin can either choose not to receive notifications (default) or he can designate a specific user to receive a notification the first time after a failure. If email notification is enabled, this user will also receive a notification the first time a synchronization is successful after a failure.

Enable synchronization

This box needs to be checked for the synchronization to occur.

Use Plain Text in JIRA

Select this to ensure that any rich text formatting will be stripped from data when copied from Jama to JIRA (see Jama Pre-Configuration to determine if this is necessary).

Test Connection

Select this to test your connections settings