Create a relationship

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Create a relationship

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Creating a relationship establishes a directional link between two items. The related items may exist in the same set, project or in completely different projects.


Add a relationship from an individual item

1.From an item, select Views > Open relate OR from the relationship tab, select Relate items.
2.Jama will display the Relate Panel on the right. The Recently Viewed Items tab is the default view.
3.Select the desired item from the Relate Panel. If you can't find the item, try using the Relate Panel's search tab.
Note: If relationship rules have been applied to the project, only items that meet the rule's criteria will appear in the Relate Panel. Additionally, a relationship will only be allowed to be created with item types that meet the applied relationship rules. Select the Show Relationship Diagram button to display the rules that have been associated to this project.
4.Double-click on the item, or select the Relate button.
5.A relationship will be added to the selected item in the direction defined by the rules and will immediately be visible in the selected items Relationships tab. If the new relationship is not defined in the rules, Jama will immediately prompt you to define the relationship direction and type. Note: If you are planning on adding more than one relationship for this session, you can check the Don't Ask Again checkbox and all future relationships between these item types will automatically be set up in the same way. Once the session expires, or you navigate off of the item, Jama will prompt you again to define the relationship type and direction.



relationship overview


Add a related (new) item

To add a new item and at the same time relate it to one or more items, view the items to be related in either the List or Reading View. Select the items by checking the selection checkbox and select the Add menu:

Add related

The Add Related menu will expand, displaying all allowable upstream and/or downstream item types based on previously defined relationship rules and the selected item type. Once the new item type is selected, a new item window will open. When the new item has been saved, the relationship(s) will be created. Note: All selected items must be the same item type in order to use the Add related option.

Security implications

In the case where a user does not have rights to a linked related item, they will be allowed to see the related item’s name, project, and relationship attributes on the relationship tab. The user, however, will not be able to preview, open, or edit the item that they do not have rights to.