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This feature requires user to be logged in as System Administrator.

Organization Name - Typically the name of your company or team. Used within Jama as well as for reports.
Description - Additional information about your company.
Return Email - Jama sends out email notifications and needs a return address for these emails. Typically the Jama administrator's email address is used or a
Base URL - Email notifications usually include links back to items in Jama. The base URL is used to create the URLs sent in the email notifications.
oTo change the Base URL, select Change URL for the organization. This tool will update all URLs currently in the organization from the old Base URL to the new Base URL.
oThere is also a tool located next to Change URL called Fix URL References. This tool allows you to insert an existing URL and update it to a new one, such as the Base URL. This tool is for maintenance purposes only, please consult Jama Support before using it.
Rich Text Image Max Width (px) - Maximum pixel width setting that will shrink all images embedded into rich text fields. Default of 0 means no max width will be applied.
Rich Text Image Max Height (px) - Maximum pixel height setting that will shrink all images embedded into rich text fields. Default of 0 means no max height will be applied.

Note: Images will retain their ratio when adjusted to fit the maximum setting of height or width. The adjustment will only happen during an upload or document import. Images that already exist on the server will not be adjusted. Compression will occur based on the width and height setting applied.

Allow project Admins To Subscribe Others - This feature allows the project admins to subscribe other users to items.
Allow Users To Mute Subscriptions - This feature allows users to mute (turn off) a subscription that has been subscribed to them by another user.
Allow non-administrators to delete items/containers - This feature, which defaults to on, allows a user to delete items regardless of whether they have administrator permissions.
Include Unexecuted Test Runs in Status Calculations (Not Retroactive) - This feature allows a user to remove unexecuted test runs from status calculations. This is defaulted on.
Allow Multiple items with the same Global ID in a single project - This feature allows items to be reused multiple times within one project. The default for this feature is off.


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