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Pick lists

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As an Organization Administrator you can customize and add pick lists used within the organization. The majority of Jama's pick lists are defined and managed at this screen.


Create new pick lists

Pick lists may be created and associated with either existing fields or custom user fields. For example, if you create a new type of item called User Requests, you may want to have a unique drop-down list called "User Request Status" with different values from any other pick lists.

1.Select Admin in Jama's header.
2.Select Pick Lists from the left side panel.
3.Select Add pick list.
4.Enter a name (for display) and description (for internal use).
5.Save the new pick list.
6.Select Edit in the right column to edit of the name and description of a particular pick list.

Delete pick lists

Note: Once a pick list has been used (assigned) by an item it may not be deleted as that item (even when deleted) is archived and retained as part of the project history. To remove the pick list from an item please refer to Customizing item types.

Icon Key for Pick List Configuration


Edit list item


Mark item as default

Arrow Up

Move up in list

Arrow Down

Move down in list

Red X


Plus Sign

Add new

Add/edit a pick list item

Pick lists are made up of one or more individual objects, called items.

1.To access a pick list's items, select Config within the row of the desired pick list.
2.Select the row with the desired pick list item and the button with the pencil icon or add a new object by selecting the Add button.
Display - Name of the pick list item visible by users.
Description - Used to describe the item internally to other admins.
Value - A secondary field that can be useful for reporting instead of working with the Display field's user friendly text. When setting up a calculated field using a pick list, the Value will be used in the calculation.
Color - A color can be assigned to pick list items to differentiate an items status, priority, or any number of configurations. By default the Test Case Status field can be set to have a passing color of green, a failing status of red, and a blocked status of orange to quickly identify the state of a field in a list of items.
3.Select Save.

Configure a pick list

Each pick list's display order and default can be configured.

1.Select the desired pick list item's row.
2.Using the buttons available at the top right of the list, move the selected item up or down in the list.
3.Set the default pick list item by selecting the desired row and selecting the button with the red flag icon.

Note: There can only be one default selection for each pick list.


Delete pick list items

items within a pick list can be deleted however each removed item must be reassigned to a different item first.

1.Select the desired pick list item.
2.Select the button with the red X icon.
3.Select a replacement pick list item.
4.Select Delete.

Note: Deleted pick list items will be retained in past version of items. Each pick list must retain at least one value and that value cannot be deleted. If the pick list has not been used by an item the whole pick list may be removed, but this would likely only happen during the initial setup of Jama.