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Manage item types

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As an Organization Administrator you may need to modify the existing item types within Jama. For example, you may want to remove fields from a requirement or add fields to a use case. Changes to item types will affect all projects within an organization so you can define a requirement once and all projects will have access to that type. You can create additional types if you need more than one type of item. Visibility of item types can be configured in Project Configuration for each project.

1.Select Admin in Jama's header.
2.Select the item types option from the left side panel.
3.Select Edit to display the Add/Edit type window where you can set up the new item type. In addition, activate any widgets by selecting the name in the Inactive Widgets list. They will move over to the Active Widgets list.


In addition to activating widgets, it is also necessary to tell Jama whether or not each widget can be synchronized. The synchronize toggle button shown below will enable or disable synchronization for specific widgets, and is disabled by default. If synchronization is not enabled for a specific widget, when an item is synchronized, that widget will not be included in synchronization, nor will that widget be taken into account when sync status is calculated.


4.Select Config to reveal the field options in the right pane. From here you can Add, Edit or Remove fields.