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Manage dashboards

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The Dashboard feature allows the user to configure a content pane containing pie charts, bar graphs, a project summary, filter results, items assigned to me, recent activity, Activity Stream, recently viewed, rich text and relationship rules, utilizing the available widgets. This tool makes it easy to see a broad scope of pieces of the project in one convenient place. The user can have all functions that are most pertinent to the each individual project.

Note: Only one dashboard may be configured per project. This feature may not be customized per user.

Available widgets -

Filter results - Displays the results of an existing filter. Select the item ID to open the filter in a new tab.

Assigned to me - Displays a list of items "assigned to" the current user. Select an item ID to open a new tab with the assigned to details.

Bar chart - Displays the results of an existing filter as a bar chart. Select the individual item types in the bar chart to move directly to that item in a new tab.

Recent activity - Displays a line graph of recent activity over a period of time.

Pie chart - Displays a pie chart for a filter and field that the user selects. Select the individual items in the pie chart to open the item in a new tab.

Activity Stream - Displays the current activity stream of the project. View all current activity including comments, edits made, new items created, and any assignment changes. Activity stream also includes what time and which user altered the items.

Project summary - Displays a summary of the entire project. This widget shows a total number of items in the project, number of days until next release, and number of days until project completion.

Rich text - Displays user defined text. This widget allows the user to insert text, pictures, and tables with a variety of modification options available such as changing text color, or highlighting.

Recently viewed - Displays the last 15 items viewed by the current user. This widget lets you select a recently viewed item and open it from the dashboard.

Relationship rules - Displays the Relationship rules applied to the project.

Adding widgets -

1.Select the project to work in
2.Select the Add widget icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard navigation bar.
3.A new menu  will pop-up below.
4.Select which widget to view in the content pane.


The user is then prompted to customize each individual widget according to availability for that item type.



Layouts -

There are several different layouts to choose from such as: single column, split, 1/3 2/3, 2/3 1/3, and three column. Layout organization is done by dragging and dropping the selected widgets in the content pane. The different widgets come formatted in an array of sizes, which gives the user a multitude of options for customization.



Printing -

To print the selected widgets select the print icon located near the add widget icon in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard navigation bar. This feature is great to give a basic "snapshot" of the project status to physically have in hand.

Note: The user will need to ensure that enable print background items is selected in order to print the whole screen, as well as selecting the landscape mode. If the enable print background is not selected only the widgets themselves will print.


To enable the background printing on Firefox browsers enter the file menu>select page setup>select the format & options tab>check the print background box. To enable on Internet Explorer go into tools>and select print then>page set up, and follow the same formatting directions.