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In the midst of project discussions, users may need stakeholders or team members to make a decision, ask a question or raise an issue. Jama will capture these action requests and resolutions and allow users to filter on them, making it remarkably easy to go back after-the-fact and find out what had been decided and why.


Requesting a Decision/Raising an Issue/Asking a Question

To request a decision, raise an issue or ask a question, you can select the appropriate action or actions from the Actions dropdown:



Alternatively, you can type !decisionneeded, !question and/or !issue or select the appropriate action from the dropdown that appears when you begin typing.

Stream Decision Needed


Using the !decisionneeded, !question and !issue actions will allow the discussion to appear in a filter on the action, as well as notify users that a specific action is required. When a comment contains a requested action, the comment will be outlined in yellow for easy visibility:



This can be a powerful tool when combined with mentioning other team members who are not using Jama for their project work. Simply mention those team members by using the @ and their username or email. When a decision is made, question is answered or issue resolved, the user requesting the action will be notified and the comment thread will be outlined in blue.


Resolve actions

Use the options to the right of each question, issue or decision request, to answer the question, resolve the issue or make a decision. Select the appropriate button to open a comment field and to comment and resolve your action. More than one button will appear if more than one action request has been made on this comment, or you can select Resolve all to resolve all of the outstanding actions.

Resolve Action

You can also resolve the action by selecting the appropriate action from the Actions dropdown:



You can manually type !decision, !answer or !resolution, but this will not resolve an open Action. Manually typing !decision, !answer or !resolution is a way to record a resolution without having to request an Action. For example, you would manually type !decision in a thread when you are recording a decision that has not been requested, but may be a result of the discussion.


Using the !decision (or any other action) tag will allow the discussion to appear in a filter run on the action tag. In addition, the user requesting the action will be notified via email that a decision has been made (or the issue resolved or the question answered), the decision/action thread will be highlighted in blue and if the decision/action comment was made in the middle of an ongoing thread, the action comment will appear in a shaded area directly underneath the action request.




Note: Jama 4.0 referred to actions using the # character. Upon upgrading to Jama 4.2, all # characters referring to actions will automatically be changed to use the ! character as described above.