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Under Reports in the top navigation, you can run global reports and any custom reports made for your organization. Most global reports refer to the project that is active in the Explorer Tree, however some custom global reports can contain cross-project data.


Run reports

1.Select  Reports in the upper navigation to bring up the reports window. The reports shown in the image below are reports that come with Jama. If your organization also has custom reports they will be visible here too. Read more about custom reports if you would like to make modifications and additions to these global reports, or if you would like to create additional reports for your organization.

Note: Reports can be grouped into a Favorites section by selecting the star next to your favorite report.


2.Select the report you want to run. The default reports are listed below. Select the title to learn more about each report.

Baseline Compared to Current - displays a side-by-side comparison of items and relationships in a baseline and their current versions.

Baseline Comparison - displays a side-by-side comparison of items and relationships in two baselines.

Bidirectional Traceability - displays upstream and downstream relationships for a selected container of items.

Items in a Set - displays a tabular list of items in a set.

Release Status - displays assigned items with status, priority, estimate and remaining estimate for a selected release.

Task List with Estimates - displays all item types and estimates sums if applicable.

Test Plan Details - displays a test plan’s details.

Test Plan Summary - displays a test plan summary in a graphical chart-based representation.

Trace Relationships - displays items with their downstream relationships. Note that this report is usually hidden by default for more recent Jama installations

User List - displays a list of all the active and inactive users associated with the organization. The report includes Username, Full Name, Disabled (Inactive), Email and their License type.

Review Center Stats Report - displays the progress of a specific review.

Review Center Comments Report - displays all of the comments made in a Review

3.Enter the required parameters. Select the report name above for more details.
4.Select Run report.