Delete a field

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Delete a field

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Organization Administrators can delete any custom field from an individual item type.



There are several things to consider before deleting a field.

Once a field is deleted, all values related to that field will be deleted from the database and cannot be recovered.
If the field was used to relate synced items (JIRA KEY, proxy, etc.), a duplicate item will be created if you try to create the sync again.
If the field is mapped in an integration, that field will no longer update and could cause errors in your integration tool.
If filters used the field, filter results will become inaccurate. The filter should be updated before removing the field.
If the deleted field raised suspect links, relationships will be affected. Because the field no longer exists, users will not be able to see the changes that created the suspect link.
If you attempt to restore a previous version of an item that still contains the deleted field, the field's contents will not be restored. Even if you recreate the field prior to the version rollback, data will not be restored.


If you still want to delete a custom field, consider exporting a copy of those field values via a report or the API.


Steps to delete a field

1.Navigate to Admin > Item types > item containing field > Config.
2.Select the field you want to delete.
3.Select the X icon in the top right corner.


4.Confirm the deletion.