Delete an organization

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Delete an organization

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Deleting an organization is an activity that should only be done when more than one organization exists.


Prior to version 4.3, Jama had the option to add multiple organizations. This allowed each organization to operate like a separate instance in Jama while running on the same underlying architecture. With the release of Jama 4.3 in the spring of 2014, Jama removed this option.


As of Jama 8.10, customers who have multiple organizations should delete all but their production organization.


Delete an organization

Overall system performance may be affected during the delete process depending on the size of the organization to be deleted. Consider scheduling the deletion during a time when there is not a heavy load on your system.


1.Before deleting an organization, back up your data. Deleting an organization completely removes all data about the organization including projects, settings and users. Deleted organizations cannot be recovered. If you need to preserve the non-production organizations, contact your account representative.
2.Log into Jama as the root user.
3.Enable Maintenance Mode under the System properties tab. If Maintenance Mode is not enabled, the option to delete organizations will not be available.
4.Under the Organizations tab, select the Delete action in the row of the organization to be deleted.




5.Confirm you are deleting the organization by selecting Yes in the pop-up.