Delete an item

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Delete an item

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There are multiple ways to delete an item. When you delete items, they are not physically deleted but are marked as inactive and will not be visible to users or reports. If absolutely required, they can be re-activated through the database. There are several ways you can delete an item:

From the item's detail view select Actions > Delete.
Select one or more items from a List or Reading View and then use the Delete option from the Actions menu.
Right-click on an item in the Explorer Tree or under the Releases tab.


By default, deletion is available to any user with write permissions for the item. Administrators can make the delete action unavailable to users by un-checking the Allow non-administrators to delete items/containers option within the Organization Settings.
Only unlocked items can be deleted.
Deleted items will show up in the activity stream, but only project managers can see this. The activity entry is also the only method of recovering a deleted item.

Note: Contact your Jama Administrator if you're unable to delete an item.