Detailed Compare View

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Detailed Compare View

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The detailed Compare View window displays differences by synced field. Any differences will be highlighted in yellow. If a field was not flagged by an administrator to be synced, it will never be highlighted if different, nor will it be syncable.


Hint: If you are not sure which changes were made, select the Show details button, which turns on highlighting that shows exactly which text or field has been changed.


Sync Fields

Select theLeftSyncBtn button or RightSyncBtn button next to the field you wish to synchronize. The arrows display the direction the data will be going.

Note: Synchronization updates will only be allowed on those projects to which you have edit permissions. You may pull data from those projects to which you have read-only rights, but you will not be allowed to push data to things in those projects.

Note: Only those fields that have been flagged as synchronized fields will have their data updated.


Edit Fields from detailed Compare View

Note: The Edit button will only appear when a text field is not in sync and the field has been flagged for synchronization.

1.Select the Edit button SyncEditBtn, which will open the edit screen. Rich text formatting is available to either field.



2.Make necessary edits.
3.Select OK to save your edits. The window will close and the field will have a flag that marks it as changed but not saved.


4.Select Save to save those changes.