Electronic signatures

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Electronic signatures

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This functionality will allow users to add electronic signatures to a baseline within Jama in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. To create an electronic signature the Jama user is required to enter in their Jama password. When a signature is added to Jama it is captured with a time and date stamp and audit trail tying the signature to the individual user along with a document.

Note: When Jama is integrated to SSO on our SaaS environment, the electronic signature option is disabled. This configuration removes the ability for users to enter a password directly into Jama.

Add a Signature to a baseline

1.Select the targeted baseline.
2.Select Add signature.


3.Enter in the signed in user's password and a comment. Password must be entered in exactly the same as the password used to login to Jama or a signature cannot be created.
4.Jama will create the signature and include the comments.


Revoke a Signature

1.To revoke an electronic signature, select Revoke in the Actions area of the signature section.

Note: Only the user that created the signature will be presented with the option to revoke their signature.