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Stream displays all comments made in Jama. You will see any comment you have permissions to view, but in a more fluid form, rather than by item or project.


Stream With Capture Final


Add a Comment

Comments can be added to Stream from the Stream page, the Project Stream page or from an individual item Stream. From the Stream page, comments can be added by:

1.Select the big rectangle at the top of the page, or the rectangle below a comment to which you would like to respond.


If you are replying to someone or adding a comment to a particular thread, make sure you make your comment in the comment box below the applicable thread. Otherwise, you will be starting a new discussion.


2. When you begin to edit the field, new buttons will appear, showing you the functionality available.



3. Enter the comment into the comment field and select the Comment button. An image can be uploaded and associated to the comment by selecting the Image button.


When the discussion in which you are participating becomes long enough, Jama will only show the most recent comments. You can select View all ... replies above the discussion to expand the thread to show all comments.


Stream View All Replies

When the thread has been expanded, you can select Hide replies to hide it:

Stream Hide Replies

Referencing a person, group, project, item or release

Reference a Person or Group

Select the @mention button or type the @ key and the first letters of what or whom you would like to reference will bring up an organized list of items that contain those letters. Select the the party you would like to reference.

reference group

If a person or group is selected, the user's full name mentioned will appear in the comment thread in bold (if the user has been set up in Jama). The user will receive an email with the comment text and will be able to reply to the comment directly from the email. They will also receive an email on every reply to this comment. If more than one group is referenced and a user is in both groups, the user will only receive one email per reply.



Any user referenced (specifically or by reference to a group) will be able to see this discussion thread, but will not be able to go to any items referenced if they do not have permissions. If the user is removed from a referenced group, he will no longer be able to view the discussion thread.

If the user is not a Jama user, you can select Invite this user and the user will be invited into the discussion.


Referencing an item, project or release

Typing the @ key and the first letters of the item or project will bring up a dropdown suggesting items to reference. Choose the item, project or release by selecting it and it will be placed in your comment. If the item's name is too long to fit in the dropdown, you will see the the truncated name and hovering over it will display the entire name.



The referenced item will appear as a link to the item if you have rights to view it. Select the item to open that item in a new instance of Jama. Select Show description to expand the view to include the item description.

stream item

When more than one item is referenced in a comment, only the first one will be displayed. The View additional references link will appear:

Stream view additional references

Select View additional references to display the additional references, or select Hide additional references to hide them:

stream hide additional references



If you reference an item, the comment will also be placed in its comment stream, found on the item screen. If you reference a project, or any item within that project, the comment will be found on the comment bubble on the project page. All of the functionality described in the Stream will be available in the Item comments widget.

Adding a hashtag

You can add a hashtag to a comment by adding the # character in front of the hashtag. Any hashtag added to a comment in the Stream (or in an item comment) will be in the context of the Stream, in contrast to item tags, which are added to the individual item while working on it. Hashtags are case insensitive and must be one word (can contain no spaces). Hashtags added to a conversation can later be used for quick filtering within Stream by selecting the hashtag itself.
Note: Hashtags are related to comments and not to items. They are different than tags that are applied to individual items.


Deleting a comment

You can delete comments or threads they have authored by selecting the X to the right of the comment. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the comment before the deletion is made.

If a thread or reply is inadvertently deleted, it can be restored within the Activity widget of the item it was associated with. You will not be able to restore conversations that were not related to an item in Jama.