Document Scope

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Document Scope

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Sometimes requirement documents are large and contain sections or items that need to be imported into different sets, folders or not at all. The Document Scope Options provide the ability to mark sections of a document to be imported or excluded by marking sections with text.

When you activate the Data Import Wizard, if Jama detects the file to be a DOC or DOCX the pop-up will ask you to determine the Document Scope and to choose Field Mapping options for the import.


Set the Document Scope

1.Before importing your Word document, decide which sections of text you would like to import or ignore.  Open the target document and indicate which section or sections of the document to import by inserting textual tags around the areas. In the example below, only the part of the document located between the text IMPORTSECTION will be included.


2.Select the file for import in Jama to activate the Data Import Wizard.
3.In the Choose Field Mappings for Import pop-up (shown above), select the box next to Import sections surrounded by start/stop text and enter if you want to indicate sections to be imported. Select the box next to Ignore sections surrounded by start/stop text if you want to indicate sections to be ignored.
Note: Both options may be used together.


The examples use the default start/stop text IMPORTSECTION and IGNORESECTION. Jama does not restrict the start/stop text to just these two entries, however, due to Word styles and formatting it is recommend that simple, one-word, all caps text is used.
Any words used as start/stop text should not be words that may be included in the document's text as content. An example would be the word "exclude".