Select import file and destination

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Select import file and destination

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Select your import file and create a destination to import into:

Modules will be added as sets or folders in sets.

1.Add a new set (Module) of the item type you wish to import.
2.Select the set (Module), right-click, and choose Import.



3.When the Data Import wizard opens, choose Browse and select the zip file you created when exporting from DOORS.


4.The destination should be pre-populated with the set (Module) you've selected. Use the magnifying glass to change the destination folder if necessary.
5.If you have already completed an Import and saved a mapping, you can choose that mapping from the Select a saved field mapping dropdown.
6.Encoding should be left at the default.
7.Select Next to continue.

Note: If the file has been incorrectly created during the export, an "Unrecognized HTML file layout" error will appear.