Import Step 2: Hierarchy and relationships

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Import Step 2: Hierarchy and relationships

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Preserve Hierarchy:

If this is checked, the hierarchy from DOORS will be kept when importing. If unchecked, all items will be at the same level.



Use item/sub-item structure (instead of folder/item structure) when creating hierarchy of imported items:

If this button is checked, all parent items will keep the item type of the children. If unchecked, all parent items will become folders.

Note: All items that are converted to folders lose their relationships (links). If importing relationships, it is strongly suggested to use the item-sub-item structure.

2013-06-14_0741 VS. 2013-06-14_0741_001


If you wish to keep your Trace Links from DOORS, they can be imported as relationships in Jama. This requires a Link to be established prior to export, and all item types (objects) that are involved in the relationship to be imported. Jama relationships cannot be created until both the "source" and "target" objects (items) that you want to relate have been imported.

If you wish to import relationships, you must first add the SYS_DOORS_ID to the item type you are importing into. See DOORS Import Prerequisites to help you create this field. If you do not include the field then an error similar to the following will appear and the Create relationships checkbox will be disabled:


If the field has been added correctly then you will be able to check the box to create relationships.

Relationship type: Here you can choose the created relationship type. This value will be set to your organization's default value if left unselected.

DOORS ID column: Select the name of the column from your export which contains the DOORS Id, which will be used as the identifier when creating relationships and must match between item types.

Note: If you do not choose the correct column, relationships will not be created correctly.

'From' (OUT) link direction in DOORS maps to: Here you can set OUT=upstream or OUT=downstream. DOORS and Jama use different terminology for relationship direction. The selection here depends on how relationships are used in DOORS. See What is a relationship to understand how Jama uses direction to drive impact.

Note: Because relationships are created based on the DOORS Id, importing items twice will create multiple relationships.