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Download Word template reference guide

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Office Templates uses Microsoft Word mail merge technology to layout you want using field values. Field values are contained inside of tags that look like this: «reportName». You can download a template reference guide that will show you a list of field values and available artifacts in the currently selected project in Jama. You can use these field values to copy and paste into a template that you upload to Jama.

Note: If artifacts and/or fields are added or updated in the selected project in Jama, then a new version of this document, which will include these changes, should be downloaded.

Export default format

Word exports will contain the following three sections:

1.Cover page - This section can be modified as needed. Field values commonly used on the cover page include:

reportName - generated from the Report Name field in the Office Templates window

reportDescription - generated from the Report Description field in the Office Templates window

contextType - type of content being used for the report (e.g. release, component, filter, folder, item etc)

contextName - immediate context for the data being used (e.g. container name)

userName - name of the user generating the report

projectName - name of the project

projectManager - project administrator

organizationName - name of the organization

contextPath - hierarchical path from the content of the export to the project level


2.Table of contents - This is automatically generated using Word's heading hierarchy. This can be deleted by editing the template to remove this section.
3.Items and fields - This section contains the items and their respective fields from the selected data set. This section can be modified.

Download reference guide

1.Select Export > Office Templates.


2.Select Upload a template and then select Generate Word Template Reference Guide.