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Edit a user

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Edit a single user

1.Navigate to Admin > Users.

Hint: If you do not see an expected user, select View inactive users

2.Select Edit within the desired user row to open the user's details.




3.Make your changes.
4.Select Save to close the edit window.





Batch Update Users

Occasionally, administrators will want to update the license types for many users at once. For example, several users may be assigned a temporary license that is about to expire and the administrator needs to assign them to Creator licenses. To update many users at once:

1. Sort the users by selecting the field name header at the top of the user grid:


The users are sorted by License type.

2. Highlight the users to be updated.


3. Right-click and select Batch update user(s).


4. Select the value to which you want the items to be changed. The license types available in this screen will be dependent on your available licenses.


5. Select Commit to save the changes.

Note: If you select more users than the number available of your selected license type, that license type will not be selectable when batch updating