Edit items in response to feedback

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Edit items in response to feedback

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When feedback is accepted it is up to the moderator to incorporate it into an item. Items can be easily edited within the review.

1.There are two ways to open the Edit item window. Either open the drop-down menu in the gray panel on the left and select Edit item, OR


select the name of the item in your review that you want to edit, then in the detailed view select Edit item in the menu on the right.



2.An editor window opens that also shows comments, so you can easily make updates.


3.After you make the necessary updates, select Save and close. This saves your updates in the project, but not in the review.
4.Any time an update is made to an item that is in review, a blue status bar indicates that changes have been made to the review. Participants will continue to see the items in the review as they were prior to the updates until the moderator publishes a new version. To update changes in the review, select Publish updated revision in the blue bar, or in the Actions menu.




5.In the Publish new revision window that opens, select Publish to update the review for all participants, or select Open wizard to make further changes to the review itself. Participants will now see the changes that have been made. Participants also receive an email notification to inform them that a new version of the review is available.