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Subscribe to email notifications

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Jama provides a number of ways for teams to stay in sync when things change. Each item has a discussion thread (comments) as well as push and pull email notifications. Users can send out notifications as well as subscribe to be notified when items are added, edited or commented on within a project.


To subscribe to email notifications, select Actions > Subscribe. A check box indicates you are currently receiving updates. Email Notifications can be subscribed to at different levels:

1.Individual item - Sends notification when item is updated.
2.Subscribe To Selected - Sets up individual item subscriptions to a group of items selected from a list.
3.Subscribe To set- Subscribes to updates to any item within the set.
4.Project - Subscribes to all items within a project.
5.Subscribe Others - Administrators may subscribe others to items, sets, and projects.

Hint: Make sure you have configured to receive Notifications from within your profile. By default Jama will not send you any notifications to your subscribed items until you configure this setting.



Project administrators can view subscriptions for any other group or user from the Edit Subscriptions window under the Users or User Groups tabs.

Note: Users or Groups that are assigned to an item will not receive the workflow transition notification to prevent users from getting duplicate notifications, as the subscription will override the workflow transition notification.