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System properties

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This feature requires user to be logged in as System Administrator.

System properties contains configuration settings for a mail server and for authentication properties. For Atlassian Crowd authentication, please see information about Crowd Connector.

To modify general properties, select edit in the right-hand corner.




Once you have made your changes, select Save in the right-hand corner. To discard your changes, select Cancel.



General Properties

Session Timeout
The session timeout allows you to automatically disconnect an idle user after a set time. The default setting disconnects idle users after 120 minutes. When a user's session times out, Jama will display a pop-up window prompting the user to log in again. This setting is useful when using floating licenses because it will release licenses from idle users.
Enable HTML Tag Security Cleaning
Enabling this feature will ensure that any suspicious HTML tags added to rich text fields will be stripped for security reasons.
Note: Enabling this feature will prevent any suspicious data from being saved in new and modified items. This will not clean up data retroactively.
SMTP Settings
Collaboration From Address/IMAP
Time and Date Formatting
Allow Project Managers to add groups
Enabling this feature will allow project managers to add groups. If this is not enabled only users with administrator privileges will be able to add groups. Adding groups is done in Project Configuration > Groups.
Allow Project Managers to set project permissions
Enabling this feature will allow project managers to set the project permissions. If this is not enabled only users with administrator privileges will be able to add groups.
Allow access to SOAP API Note: The SOAP API is no longer be available. Jama discontinued this service on June 30, 2017.
Allow access to REST API

Enabling this feature will allow all inputs to access the REST API. When this option is disabled, basic authentication will not be allowed, but browser-based calls will be possible if the user is authenticated in Jama.

Attachment file extensions
System administrators can configure which file types can be uploaded as attachments. Enter the allowed file extensions as a list separated using commas, spaces or newline characters. Periods will also delimit the types. Set the configuration option to a blank string to revert to default configuration. Only file types that are configured here can be uploaded. Even if the type of a file is configured here, it will be rejected if the contents of the file do not match the file extension, or if the type of file (MIME type) is not understood by the system. There is a large number of file types (MIME types) that the system knows to identify. If a configured file type is not known such files will be rejected. This behavior can be overridden so that files of a type that is not known are allowed, provided that their file type is configured.


Note: File extensions need to be lowercase even if the actual extension on the file is uppercase. More information about the known file types can be found here.



Is a known file type (mime type)



Configured (white list)        



If checked: allowed

If not checked: rejected


Not allowed

Not allowed


Notice on Login Page
Maintenance Mode
Enabling this feature will log out all users except the root admin. All users except for Root will be locked out of Jama until this feature is disabled.
Note: On the Indexing page, when a "re-index" is started, "Maintenance Mode" will be enabled automatically, locking users out while the index is being performed. Root admins have the option to disengage Maintenance Mode via the System Properties setting (mentioned above), but it is not recommended. Maintenance Mode will automatically turn off when the re-index is completed.
Set Header Color
System administrators can configure the header color in Jama. This feature is intended to allow users to easily differentiate test or staging instances of Jama from the production instance of Jama.  

CustomHeaderColor (1)