Enable rich text in test steps

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Enable rich text in test steps

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There are two ways to edit test steps:

Inline: double-click any field in the test case item or select the gray pencil to the left of any field
Edit modal: select the yellow pencil icon in the upper right navigation to open a separate modal for editing.


The rich text editor is only available in the inline edit mode. Rich text edits will appear as html tags in the edit modal.

Enable rich text

1.Go to Admin > Item types.
2.Select any item Type that is a Test Case type (may be named something other than Test Cases), and select Configure.
3.Select the Steps field type, and select the edit pencil.




4.Check the option Allow rich text and save.




Disable rich text

To disable rich text in test steps, follow the same steps to enable rich text, but uncheck Allow rich text in step 4.

No data will be lost when the "Allow Rich Text" box is unchecked. Users will not see any existing steps break and the content will still render. It is up to the users to decided what formatting tags to remove. Jama does not automatically strip tags, and renders correct HTML tags in steps with or without the rich text mode enabled.




In the edit mode the rich text and images will not render and instead the HTML tags will appear. Below is the same test case, in edit mode with rich text off.