Excel to Jama one-way import

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Excel to Jama one-way import

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After you prepare your spreadsheet, you can import it into Jama.

1.Open the Data Import Wizard from one of two locations:
Select the Project menu at the top of the Explorer Tree, then select Import.


You can also right-click the desired location for the imported file and select Import.


2.In the Data Import Wizard pop-up window, do the following:
Choose your document (XLS, XLSX or CSV). 
Choose or change the desired import location.
Select a saved field mapping if desired. This allows you to use the same mappings from another document you have saved for faster imports. This is a good idea if you import multiple documents that have the same field mapping.
Optional Encoding is automatically set to UTF8, the character encoding used by Jama's database.
Select Next.



3.After uploading your document, you need to map the fields so Jama knows what information to put where. The next step of the Data Import Wizard will guide you through this:
Select which Excel Worksheet you want to import, as well as the Excel Header Row. Enter this information under Excel Options.
Note: For basic one-way import this will likely be row 1, the row that contains field names. For Round-trips and Test Cases this will likely be row 2.
Map the fields for your import. From the drop-down menus at the left of the item fields, select which field you would like to use.You will be able to tell you have selected the correct header row, because the field name values will be in the Mapping drop-down.
Select Next.


4.If you are using indentation or cell color to designate hierarchy, enter the information here, otherwise you can leave this blank.


5.If the fields have been mapped successfully, the final pages of the Data Import Wizard will show a preview of your import. If you are satisfied it is correct, select Submit.



5.Jama confirms how many total items you imported. From this page, you can import another file, if desired. You can also save the current mappings to use for future uploads.