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Explore the Jama workspace

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There are five primary panes within the Jama Workspace. You can expand, collapse and resize these panes any time based on how you prefer to work.


1.The Explorer Tree on the left panel includes tabs: filters, releases, baselines and test plans.
2.The center panel is where you view the details of specific items and the result lists of components, sets, folders, filters and searches.
3.The right panel is where you can add relationships for traceability or items within a change request. This section can be opened from the Relationships tab on the bottom panel and closed when it is not needed.
4.The bottom panel is owned by the center panel (2) and is where you’ll manage information associated with an item such as comments, relationships, attachments, versions and activities.
5.This is your tags cloud where you can navigate to items grouped by keywords.

For a guided tour through Jama, watch the overview video.