Export from DOORS

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Export from DOORS

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Steps to Export a Module from DOORS (It is important that these steps are followed exactly):

1.Open a Module to Export
2.Choose File > Export > HTML... (Export must be done in HTML)
3.Choose Layout > Table
4.Choose Export > Current
5.You may choose to include Links or leave them out. Links will be imported as relationships.
6.Check 'Preserve auto-indentation'
7.Export to a folder or location that will store your DOORS files.




8. After completing the export there will be a few files located in the destination folder as shown in the example below. Select all exported items and compress them into one zip file.



9. Use this .zip file to set up relationships and import into Jama.

Note: Images in the item description will be imported. However, comments, attachments and item history will not be imported.